Earlier this month, we made our way to NYC to see a special pop-up space hosted by Jonathan LeVine gallery to celebrate 10 Years of Wooster CollectiveThe opening brought out old friends, lots of artists, and many examples of just how far the Street Art genre has grown even in just under a decade. From Shepard Fairey to Faile, Space Invader to JR, ROA to Swoon, the curation by Marc and Sara Schiller help capture the spirit of one of the original pioneers of sharing Street Art across a web-based platform, helping turn a burgeoning art scene into an international following and kinship amongst artists and enthusiasts.  (Photos by Jon Furlong & Kristy Leibowitz)

The show comes down August 24, go see it!!!

10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003—2013
Group Exhibition Curated by Sara + Marc Schiller
525 West 22nd Street
August 7, 2013 through August 24, 2013