Kustaa Saksi "Hypnopompic" @ Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki

Aug 16, 2013 - Sep 15, 2013Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki

Amsterdam based and internationally appreciated artist Kustaa Saksi showcases the exhibition Hypnopompic, presenting surreal and unique artworks manufactured with jacquard weaving technique. The textiles are made of mohair and alpaca wool, cotton and synthetic materials, such as phosphate and metallic acrylic thread. The exhibition also features a series of serigraphs on paper. The show is open at Korjaamo Gallery in Helsinki, Finland through September 15, 2013.

Jacquard technique is named after the French inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752–1834), who designed the jacquard loom. With Jacquard’s automatic loom, it was possible to weave complex mechanically patterned silk fabrics. The technology was revolutionary in the textile manufacturing industry around the world. Jacquard has reached considerable popularity among contemporary artists in recent years, and artists such as Chuck Close, Craigie Horsfield, Grayson Perry and Kiki Smith have used the technology in their art. In Finland, the technology is yet to be found in visual arts, with only few exceptions.

The exhibition title, Hypnopompic refers to a state of sensory confusion leading out of sleep, when the state of awakening gets mixed with the dream world into a surreal reality. It is an exceptional state of consciousness, in which one may experience the presence of, or see creatures and animals, such as spiders, monkeys and insects. Hypnopompic state has also been affiliated with visual delusions caused by migraine. These graphic patterns, designs and textures are thought to have contributed to the traditions of ornamentation, mosaic and textile.

In his work, Saksi refers to scientific studies of the subject in his search for inspiration. His surreal works are like abstract landscapes that also refer to the tradition of optical art. Saksi’s distinctive landscapes of organic shapes combined with vivid pictures and colours create new radiant, psychedelic worlds. These paradoxical and playful themes create powerful, multi-sensory works.

The artist Kustaa Saksi (b. 1975) lives and works in Amsterdam. In addition to his artistic production, he is known as an awarded graphic designer in Finland and abroad. Saksi has designed wall paintings to cover skyscrapers, as well as patterns and tapestry. Alongside to some of the world famous brands such as Nike, Diesel, Levi's, Saksi has collaborated with Issey Miyake, Lacoste, New York Times, Playboy and Wallpaper. In 2013, he designed a large-scale installation for the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair Pavilion together with the Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh, consisting of as many as 15 000 A3-size papers.

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