Kota Ezawa "Panorama" @ Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica

Jan 18, 2014 - Mar 08, 2014Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica

We have long been huge fans of Kota Ezawa's lightbox and painting works, and love that kicking off the new year, the artist will have a new series of works, Panorama, on display at Christopher Grimes Gallery in Santa Monica, California. "Ezawa’s work references images in popular culture, cinema, television and art history. Through such media as digital animation, slide projections, paper cut-outs, watercolor, light boxes, and collage, he recontextualizes and distills these iconic images to their most essential forms, communicating the symbolic power they have on the collective psyche." 

For this exhibition Ezawa will present a series of paintings and silver gelatin prints derived from historical photographs and paintings that underscores a keen understanding of how images shape our experience and memory of events.

In the gallery above, we collected some of our favorite past works from Mr Ezawa.