This is Allysun Maria Dutra and she is Kittinhawk, a conscious alchemist of ravenous delight: painter, sculpture, photographer, designer, artist to watch.

Treasure hunts for obscure jewels and discontinued fabrics, reconstructed romanticism and eco sustainable magic, Kittinhawk is a recycled couture line of innovation and meticulous design. A tender offering. Wearable powerful art.
Everything Kittinhawk is one of a kind, every piece built up from discarded textiles and antique crystals and stones. In a time of such considerable waste, here is a glorious solution towards a new way of life, taking what already exists and re-working it, creating a beautiful and sustainable future. Acknowledging our earth as precious and our resources sacred, Kittinhawk produces a rich embodiment of environmental awareness as a handmade beautiful revolution.

–Lalé Shafaghi