Kidult vs. Marc Jacobs...in Graffiti, Twitter, and Mercandise

May 16, 2012

Recently, graffiti writer Kidult tagged the front of the Marc Jacobs shop in downtown Manhattan and made it rather public, not only in the physical manifestation of the tag but also by tweeting it and publicizing it across the internet. Well, Marc Jacobs made a rather clever move in response to what could have been seen as an embarrassing incident. Instead, they made a t-shirt and tweeted that (rather 21st century here with the graffiti/Twitter war). The t-shirt, ironically fitting for the brand's "taste for tongue-in-cheek self-criticality" (as Hyperallergic put it), sold for $689, much to Kidult's displeasure. And the icing on the cake? Someone made a t-shirt of the original Marc Jacobs t-shirt, and is selling it for $35 (available here). Meanwhile, Kidult continues to protest via Twitter stating "Revolution will not be Televised", but as Hyperallergic astutely noted, it is "prone to merchandising."




And now, according to HighSnobiety, "Now, in what Kidult is referring to as the “Final Ending,” the French street artist has released the ‘Not Art by Kidult’ T-Shirt. Flipping MJ’s $689 tee on it’s head, this one goes for a mere 6,89 Euros." Buy them at Kidult's site.