Kenneth Lo Wants To Drunk Text You

September 23, 2013

Kenneth Lo is the best drunk-texting buddy you have always wanted. With an MFA from a good school, and many shows at good galleries, and lots and lots of good friends, he has not one award. He doesn’t make art for awards though, he makes art to make you love him. And it’s easy to love him, and his art. Usually, when his work isn’t admitting that of all the people he loves, he loves himself the most (all night), his work is about people he's loved and lost. Pretty much always, he loses absolutely everyone in the end–just like we all do. You could call his art Identity Art. You could call it artistic memorials. You could call it love. It’s up to you. Just as long as you call, or text, him back.

Keep an eye out for this friend, he's on fire.

–Lalé Shafaghi