Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock "Floating World" @ Shooting Gallery, SF

Jul 12, 2014 - Aug 09, 2014Shooting Gallery, San Francisco

Our good friends Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock are both artist, happen to be married, and happen to have a collaborative art show opening at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco on July 12, 2014 under the moniker KEFE. We think you pronounce it "Kay-Fay" but we can't be certain.

As the press release states, "The works in Floating World: Part One showcase both collaborative and solo pieces from KEFE, artist duo Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock, and are an exploration of, and center around, their profound love for Japanese traditions and culture. The title of the show is in direct reference to the ancient art of Ukiyo-e, which translates to “pictures of the floating world.” The concept of an actual floating world intrigued the duo and they began building a body of work around the idea of an unrooted, ever changing place where anything is possible. The Japanese concept of Tsukumogami, the belief that objects acquire a soul after 100 years of existence, is also evident in the symbolic objects illustrated in the couple’s paintings."

Go see it.