Kehinde Wiley: The World Stage—Israel @ ARCOMadrid

February 16, 2012

January 2010 cover artist, Kehinde Wiley, has 4 paintings from his The World Stage—Israel series on display with Roberts + Tilton Gallery at ARCOMadrid in Madrid, Spain through February 19. You know what that means? You have time left to see it. The series continues Wiley's theme of documenting local residents of otherwise overlooked populations in the style of the great masters of portrait art. The art fair, ARCOMadrid features a nice display of international galleries, with a full roster available here.

As DesignBoom notes, "the protagonists are primarily modern men  whom are of Jewish-Ethiopian-Israeli descent, having immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia under its law of return, in addition to Jewish-Israeli and Arab-Israeli youth. the young men portrayed in wiley's paintings were discovered in public gathering spaces such as malls and bars in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Lod.