KAWS: Companion (Passing Through) @ Philadelphia's 30th Street Station

Oct 03, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013PAFA, Philadelphia

KAWS just unveiled his fantastic 16-foot Companion (Passing Through) sculpture at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. Not only will the sculpture be on display from now until May 14th, KAWS' work will then be on display starting in October of 2013 at PAFA (Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts). We wish we could check it out! 

Philly.com, where we got all the pictures, had a great exchange with KAWS... when asked about having his work at the 30th Street Station, KAWS noted:

"It’s amazing that we are at a point where Amtrak is able to collaborate with someone who has a background in graffiti. I haven’t done graffiti in over a decade, but it seems to come up in every article ever written about me. I just feel like there’s an interesting thing happening through Harry Philbrick at PAFA. He’s pushing in a different direction. You can create a dialogue with younger kids who don’t have a dialogue with PAFA."