Kati Heck @ CAC Malaga, Spain

Dec 13, 2013 - Mar 14, 2014CAC Malaga, Malaga

One of our favorite contemporary painters, Antwerp-based Kati Heck, just opened her first expansive museum show in Spain at the CAC Malaga, featuring 41 works: small- and large-format paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography and video. So, if you have family in Spain, live in Spain, live close to Spain, maybe make this show a holiday season must... 

We gathered some of our favorite Heck works from around the web to show you today!

Fernando Francés, Director of the CAC Málaga said of Heck's work: “A striking feature of Heck’s work is the characters’ ability to mutate: they seem happy but suddenly they become melancholy, sad, angry, with amused expressions, creating a mixture of sensations but drawn with a mastery and technique inherited from the German Expressionist school. Heck plays with interpretative potential of her figures, conveying this in her painting and giving a dramatic or an ironic sense to everything she does. Suddenly, she distorts a foot or the fingers of one of her figures in a way of attracting the viewer’s attention, who sees a real scene as if it were a dream. We never know where the limits are. This is a dangerous, provocative game, which is easy to fall into but hard to get out of. This capacity to surprise – although the surprise sometimes brings out much darker thoughts – is what initially captures the attention of those looking at her work.” (quote via artdaily)