Juxtapoz x Adobe: Jeremy Fish’s Yesterdays and Tomorrows "Drawings"

June 24, 2014

Juxtapoz x Adobe: Jeremy Fish’s Yesterdays and Tomorrows "Drawings"

As we announced earlier this week, Juxtapoz, Adobe, and artist and illustrator Jeremy Fish have teamed up on an animated mural project to coincide with Fish's upcoming exhibition "Yesterdays and Tomorrows" opening in August 2014 a FFDG. Here’s the lowdown: Fish is set to exhibit hundreds of drawings representing the full 20-year span of his career in San Francisco, from his first days to the present. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe After Effects, and the brand-new Adobe Ink & Slide, he is going to share and collaborate with friends to bring his drawings to life as a moving mural.

Before we document the entirety of Fish’s Yesterdays and Tomorrows mural, we want to share a compilation of the 11" x 14" drawings that are the basis for both the mural and the exhibition. As you will see, some of Fish’s memories are part of our collective memory of pop culture and art, so enjoy the works as we begin the process of creating a new chapter in Fish's career.

Stay tuned, and follow the process at Juxtapoz.com/Adobe

Follow the process with #creativecloud