Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine has enjoyed the entirety of 2014 celebrating our 20th anniversary as a print publication. From a massive group show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC in the Spring, to a surfboard charity auction in San Diego, to publishing two new book titles, Psychedelic and Hyperreal, as well as countless special features in the magazine, we are proud to have paid homage to our past, present and future. Now, in partnership with our friends at SCOPE Miami Beach 2014, we present a series of galleries that epitomize the most dynamic and cutting-edge contemporary art in the world today. It is safe to say we are gratified to close out this 20th year with one of our most ambitious projects to date. Our installation dates will run the entirety of Scope Miami Beach 2014, December 2—7, 2014.

Thank you to Converse for their support. 

Partnering with some of the galleries whose art we have showcased over the years, we are able to create two site-specific installations by former Juxtapoz cover artists that are paramount to this collaboration. October 2014 cover artist Cleon Peterson worked closely with Pretty In Plastic to transform his Paint the Town piece into a 3D sculpture at the entryway of SCOPE (and will become part of the Dean Collection after the closing of Scope). NYC-based designer and artist Kimou “Grotesk” Meyer and his Doubleday & Cartwright team have transformed his June 2009 Juxtapoz cover illustration into an operable art installation turned active newsstand. If you are lucky enough to see it at SCOPE, you will find special releases and artist-made goods, as well as magazines, zines and other print objects. We know you love print as much as we do.

Juxtapoz Newsstand by Grotesk
A Functioning Installation Celebrating Print

In June 2009, Juxtapoz Magazine commissioned a special cover illustration from NYC-based, Swiss-born artist and designer Kimou “Grotesk” Meyer. The newsstand image has become almost semiotic for Juxtapoz, and in 2014, an update of the newsstand became the spotlight of our 20th Anniversary exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. For SCOPE Miami Beach 2014, we’re bringing the icon to life, with Grotesk and his team constructing a full-scale, operating model of the illustration to serve as the headquarters for Juxtapoz during South Beach festivities all week.

Juxtapoz @ Scope Miami Beach 2014: Cleon Peterson, Grotesk, and more article image 1
Paint the Town byCleon Peterson with Pretty in Plastic

In the entryway of SCOPE Miami Beach 2014, Juxtapoz invited Los Angeles-based fine artist Cleon Peterson to create sculptures based on his latest print release, Paint the Town. Working in conjunction with Pretty In Plastic, Peterson designed 8-foot tall, 3D reinterpretations of his menacing, dancing works. The following is an excerpt from the Juxtapoz October 2014 cover story with Peterson.

Juxtapoz @ Scope Miami Beach 2014: Cleon Peterson, Grotesk, and more article image 2
Juxtapoz Presents: Scope 2014 Newspaper
In conjunction with Scope Miami Beach 2014, and working with a series of galleriies that have come to represent some of the very best contemporariy art, we will be distributing a special newspaper focusing on the Scope projects to visitors of our newsstand. From December 2—7, come by and get a limited edition newspaper, while supplies last. Cover art by Kazu, featured in our January 2015 and in the Copro Gallery booth @ Scope.

Thank you to Converse for making these projects possible, and to SCOPE for all their support.