Juxtapoz x Adobe Present: Jeremy Fish’s Yesterdays & Tomorrows, Part 2

June 27, 2014

Juxtapoz has been lucky enough to document many different art movements as they have grown over the last 20 years. A benefit that Juxtapoz provides readers is the chance to watch an artist create. Over the next month, we are following two-time Juxtapoz cover artist Jeremy Fish as he builds a moving-mural animation in anticipation of his next solo exhibition, Yesterdays and Tomorrows.

Last week, we announced a special project between Adobe, Juxtapoz, and Jeremy Fish, in which Fish will be creating an animated mural that utilizes the new updates to Adobe Creative Cloud and the new creative hardware, Adobe Ink and Slide. The premise was simple enough: What if Fish took his 100 drawings—telling not only his history but a special story about San Francisco—and created an animation that could be projected in public space in the city for passersby to see as part of a moving-mural experience? Using Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, After Effects CC, and the collaboration features in Adobe Creative Cloud, Fish and his friends will work together to bring the mural to life.

In this video Fish talks about being primarily an artist who works with pens and brushes, and the opportunity to expand his palate by using Adobe’s wide selection of software all now available to him in Creative Cloud, and the new Adobe Ink and Slide digital pen and ruler and drawing apps. Although Fish admits to being an erudite when it comes to creating art with a pen and paper, his new mural project will have him stepping out of his comfort zone and learning some new tricks.

For the next month on Juxtapoz.com, we will be documenting the process of Jeremy Fish and his friends as he builds his animated experience through a collaborative process on Adobe Creative Cloud. Stay tuned for more videos, and see Jeremy’s new show at FFDG in San Francisco on August 15, 2014.

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