Juxtapoz x Adobe Present: Jeremy Fish’s Yesterdays & Tomorrows, Part 1

June 19, 2014

San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish has played a major role not only in Juxtapoz’s growth over the last two decades, but also in the growing movement of artists who grew up in skateboarding and who have formed successful careers in exhibiting art. Not only that, but we consider Fish a friend. He’s a two-time Juxtapoz cover artist, and we look forward to all his immersive paintings and explorations into narrative-based exhibitions.

This spring Adobe approached Juxtapoz with the initiative of helping to bring an artist’s dream project to life using Adobe’s collaborative and creative program, Adobe Creative Cloud. Juxtapoz’s entire office uses Adobe products, as do all the artists who appear on the pages of the website and the print magazine. Jeremy was the obvious choice to work with: not only does he have a new exhibition opening at FFDG in San Francisco in August 2014, but also his show will feature a collection of over 100 drawings that span his 20 years living in the City by the Bay. Juxtapoz and Jeremy had been talking about creating a special project this year, and now Jeremy had a plan and a platform: What if he took his 100 drawings—telling not only his history but a special story of San Francisco—and created an animation that could be projected on public space in the City for passersby to see as part of a moving-mural experience?

For the next month on Juxtapoz.com, we will be documenting the process of Jeremy Fish and his friends as he builds his animated experience through a collaborative process on Adobe Creative Cloud and reminisces on being a working artist these last 20 years. And as we will find out, Jeremy will learn a few new tricks along the way.

This is part 1 in a six-part video-documentary series.

Follow the process with #creativecloud

Juxtapoz x Adobe Present: Jeremy Fish’s Yesterdays & Tomorrows, Part 1