Juxtapoz Presents: Doze Green in Chicago

October 10, 2012

Rarely can we say that seeing a mural on video can be just as good as in person, but our Contributing Editor Joey Garfield has made sure that you get the full effect in this short video of Doze Green's exceptional mural in Chicago. Created for the Miles Of Murals program, this mural just keeps going, and going, and going...

The Mile of Murals is a community-based public art initiative in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, located on the far north side of the city. The project began in 2007, and is sponsored by the Rogers Park Business Alliance and the Clark/Morse/Glenwood Special Service Area #24 (SSA #24). When completed in 2017, the project will showcase 19 large-scale murals: ten block-long walls, seven viaduct walls, and two overpasses; and will feature local, national, and internationally respected mural artists. (via)