Juxtapoz @ POW WOW Hawaii, Part 2

February 20, 2013

POW WOW Hawai'i wrapped up with a block party at Lana Lane studios and live painting by featured artists, who ritualistically bombed a white wall for a huge audience of visitors, locals, and flashing cameras. After a week of painting enormous murals non-stop, the crew was in full party mode.


What's unique about POW WOW, as compared to other street art events, is that the artists live together for over a week--they eat, sleep, sketch, paint, surf and party together, twenty four hours a day, in an effort to break down barriers and foster authentic collaboration. The relationships built at POW WOW are infused into the murals--styles are integrated and new inspirations are born.


Keep an eye out for photos of the finished pieces and a POW WOW recap in the next issue of Jux. (www.juxtapoz.com/pow-wow-hawaii)


Images and text by Kristin Farr (except the photo of the white truck)