Juxtapoz @ POW WOW Hawaii, Part 1

February 15, 2013

We landed in Honolulu yesterday and hit the ground running, checking out countless murals in progress for POW WOW, an annual gathering of contemporary artists. Some of our favorite artists from the international community as well as fresh, local talent from Hawaii are currently coating walls in the Kaka’Ako neighborhood, and there are good vibes around every corner. Nothing beats painting in paradise. If your private jet is out of commission this week and you can’t make it out to Oahu, why not donate to POW WOW’s Kickstarter campaign, launched today, which will fund a book and film about 2013’s art and events.

A record number of artists are painting at POW WOW this year, with stellar collaborations by Meggs x Phibs, our own Hannah Stouffer x POW WOW organizer Kamea Hadar, Jeff Soto x Nychos (that is Nychos crushing above), Dabs Myla x 123Klan, and so many more.

All photos by Juxtapoz' Kristin Farr.