Juxtapoz Hyperreal: Magic - Jen Mann

November 06, 2014

Jen Mann is featured in the December, 2014 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine and our new Juxtapoz Hyperreal book. 

Ask Jen Mann where she likes to spend the majority of her time and the answer comes easily: “my studio.” Other answers, however, are not so quickly accessed. Mann’s continued foray into painting comes from a deep-seated love for existential philosophy, and working becomes a way to examine these sometimes difficult and often endless ideas. Still, despite such esoteric thinking, this type of processing works flawlessly for her. The Toronto-based painter creates stunning, hyper-realistic, pastel-colored works that look both comfortingly commercial and mysteriously melancholic. Enthusiastic, with dreamy, long blonde hair cascading down her back, she thrives when surrounded by her work, arm’s length from a paintbrush. All the time spent in her workplace has paid off with a solo show at Toronto’s Neubacher Shor Contemporary in November, a self-published book and thousands of Internet supporters. Jen Mann is poised to make a transcendent impact on the international art scene. —Jess Carrol

Juxtapoz Hyperreal, the newest addition to our book series, features a new generation of painters who have excelled at photorealism and hyperrealism, but have taken the mediums and injected them with new styles, techniques, ideas and individual personality. 

Juxtapoz Hyperreal and the December issue are on sale now and available through our webstore. For a limited time we are offering FREE shipping on all domestic orders over $25.


Video by Brass Brothers Films

Juxtapoz Hyperreal: Magic - Jen Mann