Juxtapoz For Outside Lands Music and Art Festival 2012

July 30, 2012


With the same anticipation as last year when Juxtapoz curated the art for the annual Outside Lands Music and Art Festival in San Francisco, we are looking forward to the pack of kids who drive up from Arizona to see Metallica headline, wondering why it’s 49 degrees and foggy in August in California. For the 5th annual festival Juxtapoz is back at art curation duties, braving the schizophrenic weather with a wide assortment of live painting, murals, installations, and interactive art from some of our favorite international artists. Coincide this with amazing food, Golden Gate Park, Neil Young, Grandaddy, Santigold, Stevie Wonder, The Walkmen, Jack White, Thee Oh Sees, and a load more, and you have yourself a very Northern California festival.


What we learned last year is that bigger is better: Monica Canilao and Tiffany Bozic’s installations worked seamlessly amongst the woods, and Jeremy Fish’s large-format stage banners went quite well with a Beirut afternoon. For 2012, we have invited Skinner, Dabs Myla, Curve, Brett Amory, Chez, Apex, Marcos LaFarga, Pastime, Satyr, Diet, Sam Flores, Nate Van Dyke and Eos Montana to paint in and around the festival grounds. Guy Overfelt and Jeben Berg will be creating a special mirror-based interactive installation, and peripatetic buddy Mike Shine will be back with a full performance special, Dr. Flotsam’s Hell Brew Revue.


The three-day festival, from August 10-12, has organically grown over the past half decade beyond the confines of music festival. Rarely does one get to spend a day immersed in one of the most famous urban parks in the world and see their favorite band play as summer fog envelopes the stage and becomes a San Francisco night. Golden Gate Park is a special place with a history of oddly beautiful behavior and social change, and Outside Lands Festival keeps the entire experience unique. A Hell Brew Revue in the forest will keep things cooly uniform. —Evan Pricco


More information about the Festival here.

Some of the works from last year, including Skinner, Mike Shine, and Monica Canilao....





Photos by Colin M Day and Evan Pricco