Juxtapoz for Art.com: Ferris Plock

October 21, 2013

This month, Juxtapoz announced a special capsule collection of prints we curated on Art.com, featuring works from artists in the Juxtapoz community, including Mario Wagner, Kelly Tunstall, Kenji Hirata, and Trystan Bates. Also, our collection of San Francisco-based artist Ferris Plock. Not only have we a chance to see Plock's career blossom and take off in the city, with standout shows at both White Walls/Shooting Gallery and Fecal Face Dot Gallery, Plock completed an amazing project at the 2010 SF Recology Artist in Residence. His wife, Kelly Tunstall, also has work in our curated series with Art.com.

For the full Ferris Plock collection, click here.