Juxtapoz @ E3: Into the Pixel 2012

June 07, 2012

One of best parts of getting into these types of events for me is the behind the scenes art you get access to. Into the Pixel is the only traveling art show I have found which exposes the general public to the countless hours of concept art that goes into the video games they love (our special month long program with Coro on our Twitter and Facebook last month showed a lot of behind-the-scenes concept art for games, for example). The time and effort the artists put into the games is truly under appreciated, so take a look at the illustrations and paintings that inspired titles big and small which were chosen, by museum curators and video game executives alike, to be featured in this year's show. —Nick Lattner / Juxtapoz Video Game Editor
Photos / Videos Nathan Smith

Above, The Last of Us
Below, Halo 4


Guild Wars 2: