Juxtapoz @ E3 2012: Sony Press Conference

June 06, 2012

Sony was once again the most hospitable host when it came to this years conferences. With a cocktail reception both before and after the press conference, they treated us well. This however did not make up for the fact that the showed the most limited amount of games of any event so far.


The company behind Heavy Rain, a titles known for its emotionally draining content, is at it again with Beyond: Two Souls. Being known for compelling stories and dramatic scenes, they have brought it to a new level by bringing in some A list talent to be the main character of the game. Ellen Paige is doing the voice over and facial mapping for the character known as Jodie Holmes. With only an intro cinematic to go off of, this game seems interesting, but we have yet to see how the actual game plays through this heart wrenching tale of a girl who see's things "Beyond" what we can.


Trying to get a piece of the Super Smash Bros demographic that Nintendo has had a death grip on for over a decade, Sony introduce their competitor in the all out battle royale genre. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale features characters from some of the best games they have to offer. The two new characters they introduced were the most exciting, Big Daddy (from BioShock) and Nathan Drake (Uncharted) will both be in the game now. They also announced that the game would be cross compatible with the Playstation vita, meaning you can play simultaneously with both friends on the ps3 and the handheld vita flawlessly. Coming out this holiday season, I think this could be a surprise hit.


Moving along with the handheld portion of the announcements, Little Big Planet will also have cross compatibility with the Vita, essentially making it an enhanced controller for the game when coupled with the Ps3. They also will have content from crackle, Hulu plus, and cinema now shortly available on the newest device in the Sony world. They have introduced dozens of titles for the vita since its launch, but announcing that both Assassins Creed and Call of Duty Black ops will be available on it was quiet shocking. Those are both full featured games, and with limited changes to the gameplay, it will be interesting to see how it will translate to a handheld experience.


However, they are no longer restricted to just the vita in the mobile world. HTC will soon be the first third party phone company to produce Playstation approved phones, capable of playing full games on them. With these new changes they have re-branded Playstation suite to Playstation mobile.


Far Cry 3 announced they will have 4 player coop, a first that I can remember, and it looked really fun. But this plus this the announcement of a map editor was still overshadowed by Assassins creeds news. They showcased an epic battle which waged war on the open sea. Pitting colonial warship against each other, volleying cannon balls back and forth looked insanely amusing. The fact that they kept this gameplay a secret until now was amazing, and makes me wonder how many other tricks they have up their sleeve.


Last of Days is a brand new title, and it's the same pool as The Uncharted series, which is known for its cinematic brand of gameplay. Last of Days destroyed Uncharted in my opinion. Blending gameplay with story line in a way that seems seamless without resorting to QuickTime event sequences is astonishing. Frankly I feel like I was watching a magician an standing back going, show me how you did that! This apocalyptic, almost walking dead like game, has jumped many places up on my list of must have games this year. —Nick Lattner / Juxtapoz Video Game Editor
Photos / Videos Nathan Smith