Juxtapoz @ E3 2012: Dishonored is anything but!

June 10, 2012

Bethesda is at it again, combing their unique combat system with a intriguing new world. Dishonored takes place in a steam punk world, running on whale oil to survive. You are the ex bodyguard of the empresses, trying to regain your honor after being framed for her assassination. However as you struggle to prove your innocence, you gain amazing psychic abilities along the way to help in your journey.


The psychic abilities you use are truly varied. Anything from the ability to "blink" from one location to another instantaneously to avoid detection, to summoning a swarm of rats to attack and eventually consume your enemies. My favorite though was possession, allowing you to assume the body of anything in order to gain access to locations and people while remaining undetected. This isn't limited to humans either, you can assume the body of a rat and sneak through a drain if it helps you accomplish your goal. This also leads into the idea of open world, meaning there is not just one way to reach a target, but literally any way of can figure out. Attack from above jumping across rooftops, sneak in from the sewers after possessing a fish, or choose the brute force path straight through the middle killing everyone you see.


Decisions like these also affect how your game ends as well. Choose to subdue innocents while only murdering the guilty, and you will have a significantly different ending then if you choose the sociopath style means to an end. Slow down time and sedate everyone in the room with sleeping darts, or a crossbow? These choices actually have consequences, meaning you have to choose your style of gameplay early on.


This take on a Action based FPS style game is a new one in the genre. There have been stealth games, there have been hack and slash, there have even been physic Asassin games, but never have they been combined with the finesse and balanced forethought like this. —Nick Lattner / Juxtapoz Video Game Editor
Photos / Videos Nathan Smith