Juxtapoz × Adobe Present: Jeremy Fish’s “Yesterdays and Tomorrows” Animation in Progress, Part 2

July 24, 2014

In our last video following the progress of Jeremy Fish’s animated mural for his exhibition “Yesterdays and Tomorrows,” we were introduced to filmmaker, artist, and technical guru Brady Baltezore. Baltezore has been taking Fish’s 100 drawings, all done on 11x14-inch paper, and transforming them into one continuous animation that will be projected on a wall in North Beach in San Francisco.

Baltezore’s vast knowledge of Adobe products — including the latest updates to Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator available through Creative Cloud, as well as new Adobe Ink & Slide — has been vital to this animation process. Baltezore has been schooling Fish in what these new tools could do to transform Fish’s work into a moving picture. Fish has always been able to create signature characters — characters that have become familiar figures in the contemporary-art lexicon. But Baltezore has made the art move. One of the reasons this project has been important to Juxtapoz is how it aligns with our desire to bring art out of galleries and museums and directly to the people. We know art institutions are historically intimidating, and for the past 20 years, we have expressed our goal to make art a celebration without pretension. Murals and public art are a celebration of access and community, allowing people to interact with their neighborhoods in ways that go beyond dollars. As Baltezore noted during the process, Fish’s work will lend itself to a “striking and modern take on the mural.”

Art for the people — in a brand new way. We are excited to see the next step.

For the next month on Juxtapoz.com, we’ll be documenting the process of Fish and his friends as they build this animated experience through a collaboration on Adobe Creative Cloud. Stay tuned for more videos, and see Fish’s new show at FFDG in San Francisco on August 15, 2014.