Josh Keyes "Above and Below" @ Joseph Gross Gallery, Tucson

April 17, 2012

Something for the Arizona crowd to look forward to. Portland, Oregon-based fine artist Josh Keyes will be opening Above and Below at the University of Arizona's Joseph Gross Gallery in Tucson starting on May 21, 2012. As the Gallery notes, "Above and Below dissects into a syncopated and practiced arrangement of uncommon encounters. Keyes’ creatures embody global political and social upheaval while poised to face the colossal summit of civil decay." With any Keyes show, there will always be a buzz, and we look forward to seeing what former cover artist has in store next.

Josh Keyes

Above and Below

May 21 - August 30 2012

Joseph Gross Gallery

1031 N. Olive Road, Room 108

Tucson, AZ 85721