Jonathan Zawada "Kindered Spirits" @ colette, Paris

February 01, 2012

Last year, we were very excited to have Australian graphic artist and illustrator Jonathan Zawada featured in the magazine. His exhibition at colette in Paris, Kindered Spirits, up now with a body of new work, features pop-culture and familiar images reimagined and taken from their everyday context and spun through a subconscious collage.

As colette notes, "The show comprises pieces from an ongoing body of work that explores the simple manipulation of found imagery, utilising techniques from collage to Photoshop to custom coded image distortion algorithms.The work is essentially image-play, a kind of visual theatre sport where everything is liberated from style, concept and context and simply is."

Here is Zawada's blog: http://fashematics.com/


Jonathan Zawada
Kindered Spirits
Through February 25, 2012
Paris, France