John Van Hammersveld for Occupy

February 16, 2012

In collaboration with the occupy movement, John Van Hammersveld, the father of the iconic Endless Summer movie poster (alongside many other concert posters from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Jefferson Airplane), reworked classic print of his for a contemporary cause. Originally drawn during a time when John took up against the city of LA, this image now has a new purpose. Signed prints are available. Here are some details:

"In the year 2000 John had an issue with the city of L.A. and did an edition of his vision of City Hall in hand-pulled silkscreens beautifully printed by Modern Multiples. Now all these years later and a lot of storage space these prints have a purpose. John and I are going to donate the prints to Occupy and have events surrounding the use + abuse of the prints by occupy artists. We are working with the true occupy organizers and hopefully a major gallery on the westside (the area most lacking in Occupy info) to exhibit the final artwork.


In the mean time John did his version and the great news is that we will have them for tomorrow's poster signing at drkrm. We have been getting requests via John's Facebook so we went to print today. The poster (above) is 20 x 13"...$20 signed. Send Alida an e: [email protected] to place an order."


Below: John holds the hand-pulled silkscreen... edition of 180. 40 x 30"