John Felix Arnold III Solo Show At Superchief in NYC

Apr 03, 2014 - Apr 13, 2014Superchief Gallery, New York City

Our brilliant Bay Area buddy John Felix Arnold III can’t help but make art. Each exhibition of his is like a volume in a grander graphic narrative of an imaginative future looking back on itself. Showing at such places as SFMOMA and White Walls in SF and BRIC in NY, Felix builds upon a mythology he is creating of a future past as one way to deal with this tumultuous present. Felix begins a year of three solo shows with Excorrigia | The Scourge at Superchief Gallery in New York City, April 3-13, 2014.

Set in Felix's imagined reality where humankind's obsessive drive has lead to a reset of civilization, The Scourge follows a group of survivors and is meant to be viewed in three ways. First, as a walk through Felix's narrative world created here in the present. Second, as a real time view into a grim future where the viewer is asked to get into character and imagine this as reality. And third, as a history museum exhibition of artifacts from an archaeological dig that takes place hundreds of years in to the future. Aiming to provoke questions, this exhibition asks where we are resistant to change while prompting us to take a look at the sort of sacrifices we make on a daily basis.

“The work deals with the promise of today in the face of forces beyond the control of its subjects, while exploring my own personal narratives. It also deals with my own personal issues, observations on time and space, connections, interactions, and feelings towards the world I am a part of.”

Superchief Gallery Presents Excorrigia | The Scourge
New Works in Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Installation, and Sound by John Felix Arnold III
April 3–13, 2014

Opening Reception is Thursday, April 3, 6-10pm.
Superchief Gallery is located at 9 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002

For more information, visit felixthethirdrock.com
Check out this great interview with Felix.

–Lalé Shafaghi