John Baldessari @ MCASD, La Jolla

March 08, 2012

John Baldessari is one of our favorite Southern California artists with a long career in various mediums. His retrospective of prints dating from 1970 to the present on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego compiles a long practice of deconstructing and reconstructing images changing how we perceive and read them. Baldessari's work is poetic, bold, and humorous, often taking everyday and culturally familiar images and breaking the conventional rules of art practice to yield a product that rearrage hierarchies of imagery revealing assumptions and associations often overlooked.

The show reveals some familiar work as well as some more obscure pieces like his art books Miracle Chips, The Telephone Book, and Yours in Food. Being a San Diego native and life-long Southern California artist, the show catalogues his work in an intimate and encompassing way that is not satisfied quite as well in gallery shows and group shows of his work. The show runs until May 13th.