Joe Sorren "Everything's Alright Sweetie, Please Get Some Sleep" @ Jonathan LeVine, NYC

December 13, 2012

Jonathan LeVine Gallery recently opened Everything’s Alright Sweetie, Please Get Some Sleep, a series of new paintings by Joe Sorren, in what is his first solo exhibition in New York. In all the excitement and time that went into Miami, we forgot to mention Sorren's new show. Lucky for you, the show is opening through December 29.


Sorren creates odd, dreamlike portraits and atmospheres through thick Impressionist-inspired brushstrokes, soft textures and a superb use of light. His surreal subjects are quietly expressive, conveying contrasting qualities of vulnerability and strength.


This exhibition focuses on themes of mayhem, fragility of life and the blind audaciousness we sometimes develop subconsciously in order to make better sense of our own realities. One painting called Speedboats Make Me Nervous portrays a large monster-like creature sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking at a distant boat on the water, while a meteor/comet appears to be quickly approaching in the sky above. The narrative found in this body of work became further amplified toward the end of October, as the artist finished painting the series during Hurricane Sandy—the largest Atlantic storm on record, which caused widespread destruction to large areas of the eastern seaboard.


In the artist’s words, “I was painting a painting of a storm during our devastating storm, it was a very visceral time.” Of his work, he continues, “Since painting is a physical record of movement in time, brushstrokes are not unlike the grooves on a vinyl record—capturing not just the color and shape of a stroke, but the timbre; the energy and emotion experienced at the time it was painted. Thinking of this frees me up from the thought of being ‘accurate,’ and allows me to focus more on the essence of the piece.”


Joe Sorren
Everything’s Alright Sweetie, Please Get Some Sleep
Through December 29, 2012
Jonathan Levine Gallery