This past March, Cotton Candy Machine Gallery invited Joe Sorren to be resident artist and paint an entire exhibition of paintings within the gallery space and live stream his process to the internet. Sorren began his live streaming project about a year ago after he moved to Florence, Italy.

During his residency at Cotton Candy Machine, Sorren made on average more than a painting a day. Somedays he might start six new paintings and then a few days might pass before a new one begins. During the month long residency, Sorren was watched by many eyes both in-person in the gallery as well as thousands who visited the live streaming channel. On the live feed, visitors were able to comment and interact with Sorren as he worked. The participatory excitement made for quite a buzz and as the exhibition opened on March 27th, there was a waiting list on nearly all of the small paintings. The entire set of more than 30 paintings are currently on view through April 18th in an exhibition called “Momentary.”

Diana Di Nuzzo, contributing writer for many Italian Art publications, provides deeper insight: ”they are not sketches, but bits of moments where colors become characters almost without meaning. Sometimes a beast, a kid, or a woman pops out of the background, looking at us with an inquisitive or funny glance. All together they are a harmony of sweet notes, inspired by the "here and now" that takes place in Joe's mind and hands.”

David Molesky