Jeremy Fish x Aesop Rock … “None Shall Pass” and the Story of Collaboration

July 23, 2014

By the time hip-hop artist and producer Aesop Rock released his brilliant 2007 album, None Shall Pass, he was already a major name within the underground hip-hop scene. But None Shall Pass sounded a bit different than his past work: the lyrics were more esoteric, stories more dense, the beats and samples a bit more abstract. And, it was an album that showcased a unique friendship: Jeremy Fish was not only the creator of the cover artwork for None Shall Pass, but his signature characters were animated in the music video for the album’s title track.

"None Shall Pass was a real honor and a privilege to work on," Fish told us. "I am a huge Aesop Rock fan, and this was the first time I had a chance to contribute to a music video. It was a ton of work in a short time frame, with very unique results. It was a big learning experience for me, as one of the few animation opportunities I have worked on."

Having followed the progress on Juxtapoz.com this month, you know we have documented the making of Jeremy Fish's new animated mural, Yesterdays and Tomorrows. When Juxtapoz and Adobe approached Fish to create his dream project using Adobe Creative Cloud, the Juxtapoz staff was interested to see how working on this mural animation in 2014 would differ from Fish's experience have his characters animated way back in 2007.

"The process is more seamless now," Fish commented. "Working with Brady Baltezore, watching his step-by-step process of taking my drawings and making them move wasn't something I was able to do a few years back. The Creative Cloud made it feel like a very shared project where, even though I'm not the most technological practiced artist, I could follow along and be involved in it in a major way."

Today, we want to share with you the video None Shall Pass. What excites us is that in the coming days, as you see the final stages of Yesterdays and Tomorrows come together, you will get a chance to see just how far the animation process has come with Creative Cloud.