Jen Mann "Q&A" @ Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto

Nov 20, 2014 - Dec 20, 2014Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto

We have been excited about the work of Jen Mann for most of the year, especially because of her inclusion in our Juxtapoz Hyperreal book and her newest body of work that is set to open on November 20, 2014 at Neubacher Shor Contemporary in Toronto. We have a feature with Mann in the current December 2014 issue, with much of her new work being previewed there. 

From the gallery:

Who am I? Who are you? What does my life mean? Why am I alive? - these complex questions are explored in Jen Mann‘s new series of works entitled Q&A; a collection of visual metaphors exploring identity, existence, relationships, life and death. Each image is an exploration into existence, often expressed through a pun or play on words, in a visual narrative, that draws on popular culture as a from of communicating complex thoughts in an informal way. Mann looks deeply at identity and relationships, and how we understand others through understanding ourselves.

Check out the studio visit video we did with Mann here