Japanese Horror Manga Reviews Part 2

September 22, 2012


Part 2


Last week I gushed over a few Japanese Horror Mangas in Part 1 of my "I don't know much about these but I love them" article. Well, not much has changed this week, as I still don't know much about the history and facts about the genre, but that's not gonna stop me from making a few more recommendations to anyone with the ability to read either Japanese or English. And "Back to front" is an acceptable method only in regards to Manga. Word!



4. "Octopus Girl" by Toru Yamazaki

A girl is physically tortured in school for being too cute and happy. So abused, in fact, that she dies when she is forced to suffocate from an octopus being shoved in her throat. But her cuteness and happiness allows her to come back from the dead, transformed into OCTOPUS GIRL, who's mission is simply VENGEANCE! A good public service announcement to high school bullies everywhere. You bully? You Die!


Reminiscent of a japanese horror version of Jhonen Vasquez' classic Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, complete with artist notes, self awareness, and repeated 4th barrier breakage, i've loved this series passionately since Chloe Rice forced me to read it and my response was "I don't want to read this, it's too cute! Someone should torture this book for being too cute."






5. "Parasyte" by Iwaaki Hitoshi


As a fan of anything Body-Snatcher-related, and every show on TLC that counts down the top ten deadly human parasites, I was drawn to Parasyte strictly because of the name alone. But the coolness doesn't stop there. Sure, the story revolves around alien parasites that take over humans, nothing new about that right? Wrong. Because instead of just taking over humans' brains like your average alien symbiote, these aliens can take over any part of the body that they want to, as seen right off the bat when an alien gets cock-blocked into brain invasion by a pair of headphones so instead it just takes over his hand, turning his hand into an individual being. And all of this nonsense just lends itself perfectly to the fact that Hitoshi's art style is bold and simple which makes the detailed aliens and deformed bodies so horrifyingly cool in contrast to the rest of the art.







BONUS: "Abstraction" By Shintaro Kago


This is the wildcard entry because it's not a horror manga, it's more of a "HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE COOLEST CRAZIEST WEIRDEST ART EXPERIMENT I'VE EVER SEEN" manga. It's literally a 3-D comic in every sense of the word sans dumb glasses. And remember when you played Paper Mario for the first time and the 2-D screen turned and your mind was blown that those question-mark blocks had another side? This is like that, but times 50. And way more Japanese than an Italian Plumber. Find it!









Bonus BONUS!


Shintaro Kago, author of Abstraction, has an animated short called "PARKING" that is equally as weird and imaginative.



Alright, I have a lot more to read so expect another round of reviews sometime next year, after I have said "why didn't I think of that" another 56 times.