Jane Kim: The Migrating Mural Project

January 29, 2013

As you know reading our site over the years, we love mural projects, public art, and especially, public art in unexpected places (for example, see Escif & San's tour of the Southwest). That is why we are fascinated by Jane Kim, an artist, science illustrator, and founder of INK-DWELL Studio that has started the Migrating Mural project, a series of "murals painted along migration corridors shared by people and endangered animals." Kim hopes that by painting the murals where the animals are most likely to be found, they will be creating a "lasting connection that will help protect these important species forever." Recently, Kim finished her first murals of bighorn sheep at the Mount Williamson Motel in Independence, California.

According the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation, "Jane has already started work on a series of four murals along California’s Highway 395, which runs in the shadow of Sierra bighorn’s home range. By bringing a rare and magnificent animal into the public eye, Jane hopes to aid in raising the funds needed to remove the animal from the endangered species list within a decade and to generate community support that will help protect Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep forever. She says, 'Many residents of the Eastern Sierra have never seen their majestic neighbors. Just creating a visual connection with these animals is a simple but powerful first step'.”

The Migrating Mural will not only promote public art and beautify the surrounding area, it will also drive public support for this very special animal—the first and critical step to conservation.

Help support The Migrating Mural Project: Pick up one of Jane's Migrating Mural limited edition giclee prints on Art.com, and part of your purchase will go to support the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation.





Photos by: Cody Tuttle