This one is special. Not only do we get to celebrate the opening of "20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz", but we get to honor the opening of new works by our founder, Robert Williams, at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. The March 2015 issue features a collection of the new paintings by Williams, as well as a sit down interview with famed international art curator, Jeffrey Deitch.

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Also in March 2015:
—We take an in-depth look at the new Zap Comix box set with Last Gasp's Ron Turner

—How and Nosm open their studio to show us their new paintings

—Alison Blickle becomes a magician

—Andreco sets the world on an environmentally friendly fire

—Jacob Lewis talks Pace Prints and his new namesake gallery

—Tomoo Gokita loves wrestling, and lets us know.

—Jim Mangan goes to Utah

—Battenwear honors the tradition of the American outdoors

—Nat Russell gives us a tour guide of Indianapolis

—... and Robert Frank gives us a tour of America