Intimate Immensity @ the Hammer, LA

March 23, 2012

Intimate Immensity: The Susan and Larry Marx Collection currently at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles primarily consists of works on paper by many of the prominent artists of modern art in the twentieth century. Works in the show include a pool drawing by David Hockney, Warhol's cats, dotted works by Yayoi Kusama, splattered ink drawings by Pollock, two-toned fields of color by Blinky Palermo, large scale collages on canvas by Mark Bradford, figurative drawings and gouache abstractions by Guston, and many other captivating works by many of the greats.

Many of the pieces in the show exhibit the pathos of the mid-twentieth century in its exploration to the ends of abstraction. This careful play between figuration and abstraction has been one of the driving forces of modern art and the Marx Collection is a beautiful catalogue of many great artists and their exploration to create imagery that transcends beyond the picture plane to a realm of day dreams and "the space of elsewhere" to quote the philosopher Gaston Bachelard.