Interview: LUSH Finally Answers our Questions

July 03, 2012

We became fast friends with Melbourne's graffiti provocateur LUSH last year when he came to San Francisco for an exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery, and turned the gallery into strip show. All the things you hear about LUSH is that he pisses a ton of people off, and that he does so for some sort of Internet fame. Well, what's wrong with that? It's 2012, how else do you get famous? LUSH will be opening up shop in London on July 5 with a large warehouse show that will surely cause some angry comments here. That means this is all working... because it should be noted that as far as graphic graffiti, LUSH is hands-down one of the most entertaining out there. So we sent a few questions to LUSH to see where he is at with his complete Juxtapoz interview, and if anyone has sent him interesting hate mail today. Oh, and POW just released this print today.

(Note: We are offended by 99.8% of this interview, and we have a good stomach for it)


Who have you pissed off today?


A multitude of people, people who I've got helping me out for the love of it, Orthodox Jewish people, the PRC, Martin Scorsese, and Elton John.


Do you miss me (me as in the person who is doing this interview, who LUSH knows, and maybe you, the reader, doesn't)?


Sometimes I toss and turn in my bed with the woe I feel for the distance between our eternal love.


Why haven't you finished your Juxtapoz feature?


Because I'm an idiot who just had to try and be clever then it the big clever scheme wasn't working. On to the next even more idiotic clever scheme.


What is your opinion of Kate Upton?


I have no idea who it is but I'll pass judgement and say she's a malignant cunt.



Who has worse living conditions: London or San Francisco?


I got my own little cave in London, I was homeless in San Francisco but I still stink pretty bad in either city.


When does your porn career begin?


If I could stomach LA for more then a few weeks, it'd be underway.



What are you doing for your London show?


Terrible terrible garbage, horrid festering trash, shit that looks like a chinese art sweatshop punched out on a sweaty afternoon and the guy who was painting it just played World of Warcraft for 3 days with no sleep.



Your new print is cool. Was that your idea?


I steal all my ideas, I haven't had an original idea since I was in the nang, Charlie was everywhere, the cut of jungle we were patrolling was thick with a swamp fog in the dead of night. They came from behind us and fired at the rear of the patrol I couldn't fire back or I'd risk killing my own men. They were leapfrogging us, they must have been laying in the long scrub letting us walk by like we were already dead. I can still hear Little Jimmies screams, charlie shot him in the back. "MOTHERRRR rughghugggggh" his garbled blood soaked cries for his mother. (buy the print here)