Earlier in October, Zoer completed another boundary-pushing piece in Leira, Portugal. Themed around notions of time and transformation, Electrolytes once again use automotive industry imagery to create vibrant compositions which balance between representation and abstraction.

The piece itself is divided into two parts, both painted on stainless steel panels. Taking the shiny surface into consideration, Zoer constructed a surreal composition from levitating vintage cars. Matching the golden color scheme with the sun-basked light effect of the surrounding, this somewhat still-life creation gives the unusual subject an iconic aspect. The second panel depicts a billboard with layers of ripped up posters creating an abstract image. Although clashing in colors, both panels are meant to represent the beauty of altered and deconstructed familiar objects.

Further on, the artist created a video piece by moving a car wreck in front of the pieces, with timeline numbers painted on it. Evoking the markings on VHS footage, this additional element symbolizes the passage of time and the deterioration it brings, seen through the disappearing of the numbers and letters on it.––Sasha Bogojev