Yarrow Slaps, as both an artist and gallery director/curator, has always had a nimble eye. He has always been able to combine established and emerging artists side-by-side, and with his own artwork, has a certain juxtaposition of high and emerging cultures. This summer, Slaps curated Ginga, a group show at Chandran Gallery's multi-level space in downtown San Francisco. Even here, Slaps took a unique approach to the Chandran space and utilized each angle and vantage point the gallery's stunning grounds had to offer. 

Yarrow said of the show, "GINGA IS one’s unique RHYTHM . . . in soccer or the "dance/move aspect" in capoeira. It's the swinging of your body from one side to the other to deceive your opponent. Ginga is creativity. It's the pedalada and trivela. Ginga is the opposite of boring. It's the opposite of mechanical. It is having fun. It is grace. It is being fluid and coordinated. IT IS SOUL. IT IS DANCE. It is your uniqueness."

The 35-artist group show ranges from sculpture to painting, site-specific installation to video works. Featuring the work of Jaque Fragua, Erlin Geffrard, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Cheryl Dunn, Darryl Smith, Monica Canilao, Kezia Harrell, Iona Rozeal Brown, Patricia Rennee Thomas, Monica Hernandez, Erzu.lie Brandon Thompson, Fredrick Hayes, Gina Contreras, Gordo Pelota, Jenaro, Mikey Coleman, Rgb, Sahar Khoury, Andrew Sungtaek, Mapo Kinnord, Sachi Moskowitz, Polo Silk, Marcela Pardo Ariza, Luis Garcia, Xara Thustra, Moreno, World Mason, Olivia Krause, and Jeron Braxton