Zen student and poetry priestess Jane Hirschfileld penned the verses of What Did I Know of Your Days in 2013, and those words inspired the title of a new two-person show by Brooklyn based artist Danielle Orchard and her collaborator Nikki Maloof.  Hopeful about the prospects for their new exhibit when we spoke with Orchard for Art in Uncertain Times, it now looks like European galleries are relaunching shows as the two women are about to debut at V1 gallery in Copenhagen. The all new images are a study of the soul and structure of drawing as a the hidden soul of the artist's work.

With a selection of small, medium, and large scale drawings within this serene pre-summer showcase, on view from May 12 until July 9,2020, both artists explore the medium of drawing as a source of mutual inspiration, as well as extension of their friendship and love. Best friends and colleagues since first meeting in drawing class in college, Maloof and Orchard continue to  influence, inspire, and challenge each other throughout their careers."My friend, Nikki Maloof is an amazing painter," Dani told us in the interview for our Summer 2019 issue. "We studied together in undergrad. We've known each other since we were 18, and so our entire development as artists has been together." 

This parallel development and sustained communication result in two distinct bodies of work that seamlessly complement each other. Each employs a distinct creative process and visual language, but comfortably wanders into the other’s themes. Where Orchard revels in portraying lounging female characters, Maloof fixates on their surroundings, depicting choices of food and drinks. As if they're purposely following each other's storyline, the works offer fuller views of the same vignette, or capturing the same scene in a different mood, moment or perspective.  

At this point, it’s a happy conundrum  to figure out whether we're more excited about the new body of work by these two great painters or the fact that life seems to be inching back to normal. After months of online-only exhibitions, the V1 family is putting extra effort to provide the opportunity for local art lovers to enjoy these works in person. With that in mind, they have extended the opening reception to an opening week, running from May 12th—16th, and expanded their opening hours in order to facilitate more visitors to the galleries in a safe, enjoyable manner. —Sasha Bogojev