Watch a Preview of "Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy" @ The Met Breuer, NYC

Sep 18, 2018 - Jan 06, 2019Met Breuer, New York

This show ought to be a good one, as the Met Breuer is going to be exploring the last 50 years of artists working within and against the ideas of power and suspicion in Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy. Because the topic can be broad, and because artists forever have been creating works based on alternate histories or unveiling secrets that are not necessarily mainstream knowledge, the exhibition "will trace the simultaneous development of two kinds of art about conspiracy." Artists in the show will include former cover artists Raymond Pettibon and Emory Douglas, Jenny Holzer, Peter Saul and Mike Kelley, amongst others. 

From the museum

The first half of the exhibition will comprise works by artists who hew strictly to the public record, uncovering hidden webs of deceit—from the shell corporations used by New York's largest private landlord, interconnected networks encompassing politicians, businessmen, and arms dealers. In the second part, other artists will dive headlong into the fever dreams of the disaffected, creating fantastical works that nevertheless uncover uncomfortable truths in an age of information overload and weakened trust in institutions.

Featuring seventy works by thirty artists in media ranging from painting and sculpture to photography, video, and installation art, from 1969 to 2016, Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy will present an alternate history of postwar and contemporary art that is also an archaeology of our troubled times.