Two Artists Make Sinking Floor in Medieval Castle

May 19, 2017

This installation in Aigues-Marotes, a medieval city in the south of France, consists of 3000 small cubes organized in such a way that it looks like the floor is sinking. Similar to a graph of a black hole, the 2 dimensional space is pulled downwards to evoke the feeling of sinking or losing ground beneath ones feet. 

The title of this installation is Débarrassons le plancher (let’s get rid of the wooden floor), and was created as part of a festival put on by the Center of National Monuments. The two artists Fanny Bouchet and Emanuelle Messier sought to recreate a feature of medieval castles called "l'assomoir", a hole in the floor that defenders could rain down arrows, scalding water, or harmful subtances on intruders. 

via Photos Courtesy of Byme Architecture