The Pablo Ramirez Foundation (PRF), in association with presenting sponsor HUF Worldwide is proud to announce The POWER OF PABLO, a group art exhibition and benefit as part of the 2nd Annual Pablo Ramirez Birthday Weekend to celebrate the passions of legendary skateboarder, artist, and musician Pablo Ramirez, who passed away in 2019.

Pablo Ramirez, jazz musician, artist, and skateboarder, was born in Brooklyn, NY on February 10, 1993. He described his move to San Francisco as the feeling of being reborn. The city was his playground and he quickly made a name for himself in the skate, music, and art scenes. Known for enthusiastically bombing the steepest hills in San Francisco, Pablo turned pro and skated as “P-Splifff” sponsored by HUF, GX1000, Western World, and OJ Wheels amongst other international skate brands. Pablo had an international social media following and features in Thrasher magazine and on their website. 

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“Pablo’s immense body of art work includes more than 2,500 paintings, poems & drawings. In his rich and free-spirited style Pablo infused the messages of freshness into his art, his skating, his relationships, and his love for life and humanity. Pablo’s paintings are like a downhill ride, fast, bold, and fearless. At the same time, his poetry, sometimes written in the phrases that lie underneath color and line, tells us to slow down, look at the moon, life is beautiful, breeeathe.” said photographer Joseph Coscia, Chief Archivist of The Frick Museum.

A selection of Pablo’s original artwork will be on view. One original work will be offered for sale along with a selection of limited edition prints. Nearly 100 established and emerging artists listed below have generously donated work to honor Pablo and support the Pablo Ramirez Foundation. Many, but not all of the participants knew Pablo personally. Even artists who Pablo never met knew of him and his work, and have contributed their art in support. Some of the most prominent include Mark Gonzales, Alicia McCarthy, Joe Roberts, Chris Johanson, Terry Hoff, Matt Gonzalez, Steve ESPO Powers, Jeffrey Cheung, and Haroshi (above). 

“It’s beautiful to see how Pablo’s life and art have inspired our creative communities across so many disciplines and art forms,” said Steve ESPO Powers. 

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Pablo: The Life, Art, and Legacy of Pablo Ramirez, a special 100-page, perfect bound magazine published by Skate Jawn honoring Pablo’s life, art, and poetry will also be available. Its release is part of a HUF x PRF product capsule, available at select retailers, all HUF stores and online on March 11th. All proceeds benefit the Pablo Ramirez Foundation. 

934 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94103
March 12, 2022 - March 25, 2022

Preview Collectors Reception
Friday,  March 11, 2022 
6-10 pm invite only 
RSVP email [email protected]

Opening Night Party 
Saturday, March 12, 2022 6pm-12am

Online Auction: March 12, 2022 - March 25, 2022 
More information about viewing at [email protected]

About the Pablo Ramirez Foundation 
We're a grassroots organization that relies on financial backing to help provide a network of support. We seek to provide opportunity and advocacy for the youth. (PRF) believes in creating a positive lifestyle through skateboarding, music, and art so kids can reach their full potential. We believe we can make the world a better place by helping people find joy in what they love. The foundation gives grants and scholarships and hosts events that inspire our community, especially kids and young adults in need. The Pablo Ramirez Foundation operates under the fiscal sponsorship of Players Philanthropy Fund (“PPF”), a 501(c)3 non-profit, to reduce the costs and time spent on administrative tasks. Donations are tax deductible and you will be making a profound difference in the lives of our youth. Thank you for joining us!

Contributing Artists: Karina Alterman, Ando, Ellie Andrews, Adrian Arias, Rewina Beshue, Joe Brook, Jeffrey Cheung, Harry Ciabattini, Joseph Coscia Jr., Zachariah Turtle Dawson, Brian DeLaTorre, Jack Dickens, Chon Don, Andrew Durgin-Barnes Jackson Elliott, Michelle Fernandez, James Ferrando, Eric Friedenson, Ryan Garshell, Nile Gibbs, Mike Gigliotti, Elyse Gil, Mark Gonzales, Alan Gonzalez, Matt Gonzalez, Ben Gore, Sean Greene, David Gutierrez, Ashley Habr, Noah Halpern-McManus Renette Hammer, Haroshi, Beavis Harris, Jordan Hill, Tyler Hinton, Terry Hoff, Lanee Hood-Hazelgrove, Caleb Hughes, Shag Humanity, Atiba Jefferson, Chris Johanson, Kayl Johnson, Bryce Kanights, Kappy Kaplan, Mac Kelly, Mike Kershnar Clarence Klingebeil, Roger Krebs, Ben Lardy, Maybe Later, Kaylee Macall, Alicia McCarthy, Jonathan Mehring, Ryan Mettz, Nolan Mottle, Josue Ortiz, Lisbeth Ortiz, Eric Palozzolo, Alex Papke, Phil Peralta, Stephen ESPO Powers,  Carlos Ramirez, Yuri Ramos, Otto Ray, Jake Rickerm, Joe Roberts, Tegan Ryanm Alan Salgado, Gabbi Sanchez, Dave Schubert, Michael Shagalov, Gregory Shimada, Greg Simmons, Paula Siqueira, Skip Class, Lee Smith, Peter Sonnenberg, Matthew Stansell, Adam Taylor, Ed Templeton, Andrew Torralvo, Anthony Torrano, Jesse Vieira, Emilio Villalba, Joaquin Nicieza Villanueva, Abbey Wang, Leon Washere, Wil540, William Strobeck, Jahmal Williams, Josh "Takun" Williams,  Alex Wolslagel, Dayana Young and  Dan Zaslavsky