Well, it is wedding season, or at least we think it is? Maybe it's not. But whatever, what we want to talk about here is flowers. And by flowers we mean the over 8,000 flowers that Rebecca Louuse Law will be using for a site-specific installation at Chandran Gallery in San Francisco in her new exhibit, The Beauty of Decay, opening July 8, 2016. 

Although Law has exhibited worldwide and has been commissioned by top luxury brands including Hermés, Mulberry and J&M Davidson, The Beauty of Decay is the first opportunity for visitors in the US to experience her work in a gallery setting. The artist will create an installation of 8,000 flowers individually entwined with copper wire that will descend from its 20’ ft. ceilings. The cascade of hovering flowers create an enveloping experience that will prompt viewers to examine how they perceive the value of the material as it transitions from lush to decay.

“'My art is about the human interaction with nature, I take flowers, control their environment, change their properties and allow the viewer to re-evaluate their worth,” the artist says of her work.

The Canopy Time-lapse from Rebecca Louise Law on Vimeo.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, Chandran Gallery will return the deteriorated flowers to Law’s studio in London where she will re-purpose them in her art, again extending the flowers’ vitality. The exhibition will also debut a series of limited edition prints created in collaboration with British Photographer Rachel Warne, based upon artworks set within the historic grounds of the Luton Hoo Estate, UK.

The opening reception will be on view from 6—8pm, Chandran Gallery, 459 Geary, SF.

(All the images above and video are of past works by the artist)