Los Angeles has everything and can be just about anything. The fact that its a driving culture accentuates all the diverse and underground art scenes you can move to from night to night. It's gritty photography, graffiti on some nights, Hollywood glamour and blue-chip culture on another. Superchief Gallery is always running on the underground angle, and there newest show at the Los Angeles space brings together all the disparate but unified looks of LA culture in Stranger Stew, a new group show on view through September 22, 2019. 

"It's a group show mix of 5 artists who don't know each other but are legends in their respective genres," says Bill Dunleavy of Superchief LA. And that is the beauty of the show and the Southland in general. Stranger Stew finds Will Carsola (Adult Swim Artist for Mr. Pickles), Suitcase JoeBonethrowerHunter Jackson (Creator of GWAR, aka "Techno Destructo") and Juxtapoz friend Estevan Oriol all in one gallery. The narrative may be all over the spectrum, but that is what makes Los Angeles so special; its never just one thing.