We are getting to that time of the year where there is just a ton of great art projects happening all around the world. One we have on our radar is Japanese audiovisual artist Ryoji Ikeda, who just recently set up immersive video works at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. As the Centre noted, "The exhibition unveils a new installation, where a black room and a white room divide the space into two opposing and complementary worlds. On one side, a large audiovisual installation where the artist makes a "meta-composition": a vertiginous mix of sound and visual data that are abstract, according to mathematical laws. On the other, a sound installation consisting of huge loudspeakers, where you are invited to a listening performance through a circuit where you can walk around freely, and which guides your musical experience."

As Hypebeast points out, "The second portion dubbed code-verse (which you can see above) an immersive installation the encompasses a room-sized screen portraying computer glitches coupled with flowing visuals of numerical data. Ikeda created this piece with Moscow-based Garage Museum of Contemporary Art."