Here come there Psychonauts! Mirus Gallery Denver presents this group exhibition curated by Paul Hemming's knack for finding visionary artists who create complex, multidimensional works drawn to the depiction of spatial experiences that transcend the definition of psychedelia.

A 'psychonaut' is driven toexploring the universe right inside their own mind, driven to self-discovery, embarking on inner voyages, whether through the aid of entheogenic substances, meditation, sensory deprivation, or binaural beats. For thousands of years, shamans and tribes have entered altered states of mind for spiritual purposes. Some believe that the use of entheogenic substances can “Unlock hidden worlds, secrets of the universe, or even prophecy of the future.”

Ben Ridgway Key to Innerspace

Many artists return from psychedelic experiences with a pictorial indelibility that propels their practice into another metaphysical reality on works that induce a memory of the adventure. Godfather of visionary art, Alex Grey, expands further when he explains that, “The process of artistic creation can (and should) play a role in the enlightenment of the artist [because it] holds the potential of transcending the limitations of the mind and fully expressing the divine spirit.”

As the perception of psychedelics changes over time, we are entering a phase of acceptance, discovering the medical and healing properties of entheogenic substances. Studies at major institutions have proven the potential these substances have for alleviating existential angst, depression, and addiction while also providing greater meaning in life through spiritual experience.

John Vochatzer calamityfair Studio shot 2

Look for:
Abram Aleo, Adam Psybe, Andrew Norris Thompson, Android Jones, Aof Smith, Ben Ridgway, Bond Truluv, Colin Prahl, Curiot, Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, David Fratu, Dela, Demetrios Zissiadis, Evan Venegas, Fabián Jiménez, Fernando Chamarelli, Gleo, Jake Amason, James Roper, Jeremiah Welch, Jermey Nichols, John Speaker, John Vochatzer, Juan Travieso, Kyle Dineen, Kris Davidson, Lightdrops, Luis Toledo aka Laprisamata, Luke Brown, Morgan Mandala Manley, NYCHOS, Okuda San Miguel, Randal Roberts, Sebastian Wahl, Sri Whipple, Starman, Stephen Ferris, Stephen Kruse, Steve Mifsud, Wiley Wallace, Yoh Nagao, CalamityFair/John Vochatzer, Zach Jackson, Carey Thompson, and Brian Pinkman.

Psychonauts opens at Denver's Mirus Gallery on August 9th, with an opening reception from 7 to 10 pm, and is on view through August 30, 2019.