I chose to self-title the exhibition because I wanted it to be a reflection of everything that Pref is about. Where I’ve been, where I am now and where I hope to be going in the future. If you’d never heard or seen anything from me in the past, this should give you a pretty good idea.


The paintings were designed to be colourful, varied and explore all the legible and more abstract styles I have developed over the years. Rather than using repeating motifs or a branded colour palette I wanted each painting to be different from the next while still feeling like one body of work.

The wording for my pieces are always auto- biographical. Like clues and relics from my past, or a commentary on current times. What it says and what it looks like, coming together to form a cryptic crossword type puzzle for the viewer to work out.

The space includes a wall mural, 17 new paper- cut works and also a giant sculpture. The mural is representative of where my work was born. The paper cut medium is a unique technique I have worked hard on over the years to perfect and is something I plan to continue to push and develop. And the 3D sculpture is where I see myself going in the future, looming over half of the room, waiting in the wings. The giant elephant in the room. —Pref

PREF's solo show is on view at La Galerie Centrale in Liège, Belgium through August 14, 2021