Pejac Takes a Subtle Look at the Relationship Between Humans and Nature

May 26, 2017

Spanish artist Pejac just revealed his latest creation and once again showed his ability to think outside of the box. Nature First is the title of this subtle installation created somewhere in Catalunya, Spain, and like many of his works, the piece speaks about the relationship between humans and nature.

The Barcelona-based artist had this idea brewing for some time, even sketched it as a drawing a while ago, but it wasn't until recently that he found the right spot and other elements to turn it into reality. Consisting of a children's slide placed in midst of a lush forest, this piece evokes the eternal "chicken or the egg" question. By placing such common man-made object inside untouched natural environment, Pejac questions the way we interact with and affect our surrounding. With a healthy tree growing through the slide, he suggest the nature's prevail over human actions despite everything, giving a positive tone to this peculiar piece.––Sasha Bogojev